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Who I Work With

In my more than 2 decades of experience as a therapist I have helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life with a wide variety of presenting problems.

I have worked with adults and seniors, as well as adolescents. I have helped people who worry a lot, struggle with depression, have addictions, have relationship problems, have low self-esteem, and those going through a difficult life transition or major adjustment.

Regardless of what brings you to therapy, I can help by using some of the most advanced methods of therapy (How I work) that typically get results. Below are the most common issues that I help people with who are seeking therapy.

 Anxiety, Worry, and Fears That Wreak Havoc in Your Life

Anxiety is a terrible feeling. It can feel like some external force has taken control over your life and you don’t know how to get it back. You may ruminate over and over about the past or what you fear may happen in the future.

The fear can be debilitating. It’s hard to stay in the present. It’s hard to function. It causes problems at work, as well as in your family and social relationships. It makes it difficult to sleep. It’s simply exhausting.

When it is most severe, you may be afraid to go out. You might have panic attacks which make you feel dizzy and your heart race. Panic, at its worst, can make you feel like you’re going to die or lose your mind.

If you’re looking for relief from anxiety, therapy can be of tremendous help.

In spite of how discouraged you may feel right now, you can regain control over your life. You can have more peace of mind. You can live more in the present and feel more hopeful about your future.

Your relationships will feel easier; you will feel more comfortable around people. You’ll be more self-assured. Overall, you’ll simply feel good about your life and your relationships. All this is possible with the proven methods of therapy that I use.

Depression or Despair That Weighs You Down

Depression can feel like you are being held down by heavy dark clouds.  Life feels like it has no meaning or purpose. You might sleep a lot, or have difficulty sleeping. It may take all the energy you can muster to function.

You might wonder if it’s worth living. If you have severe depression, you may have suicidal thoughts that feel like the only solution to escape the prison of depression.

It doesn’t matter how much despair you feel right now, depression is  highly treatable.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning and feel excited to get out of bed. The dark clouds have lifted, and the sun is shining in on your life. You feel energized and eager to get on with your day.

Over the course of my career, I’ve successfully treated many people who have struggled with depression. I can most likely help you too.

Relationship Troubles That Cause Self-Doubt & Discouragement

If you are an individual who has recently separated or divorced from a partner you may be reeling from the loss. This may be especially true if your partner chose to end the relationship against your wishes. You might feel rejected, unworthy of love, and disillusioned. These are all common experiences when relationships end. You are certainly not alone.

Perhaps you’re in a relationship that’s not working out. You’re torn between leaving and staying. You feel like a yo-yo and can’t make a decision. Something troubling happens and you think you will leave, and then things go well and you can’t imagine being happier. And then, “boom” something unpleasant happens again and your dissatisfaction and confusion returns.

You might wonder if you are ever going to find someone to love who loves you the way you want to be loved. You feel discouraged because you’ve had so many failed attempts at relationships.

Perhaps your relationships have always brought you pain or betrayal. You fear this will happen again. You don’t trust yourself to make the best decision and you certainly don’t want to end up alone again.

Therapy can help you heal whatever is holding you back from having a healthy relationship.

You can move forward in your life feeling good about yourself knowing that it’s possible to be loved and cared for, and to love and care for someone back. Heal past hurts and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. I can help you grieve if necessary, and look forward to the kind of relationship that you want.

There’s always hope for a better relationship. I’d love to help you achieve this.

Life Crises and Transitions That Send You Into Overwhelm

You’re going along in your life and a crisis happens and throws you for a loop. Sometimes, you might experience a crisis or setback and just when you think things are getting better, another one rears its ugly head. This can cause great distress and turmoil.

Life is filled with transitions that are disruptive that can throw you off course to such an extent that you are filled with stress and are unable to function. Having a child, experiencing loneliness after your children leave home, a relationship breakup, a new job, moving, etc. Any kind of transition can throw you off course.

Therapy can help you get through a crises or life transition with much more ease.

While it’s normal to experience some amount of stress when your life changes, when it’s interfering to the point that you’re having trouble coping, therapy can be a godsend. It can support you through this challenging phase of your life faster than you might be able to do on your own.

Therapy helps you be free to move forward and live your life in the in the present. I can show you tools to help you cope and manage stress. If you are stuck somewhere in the process, we can work to free you from the angst, worry, depression, or fears that may be getting in your way.

Sometimes transitions or crises bring up painful feelings from past experiences. As your therapist, we can unlock the source of these feelings and heal them once and for all. This can free up your energy so that your life goes more smoothly in the future.

If you are thinking about seeing a therapist for help, it likely means that this is a smart choice for you right now. Therapy can be one of the best ways to get unstuck – you can be free to enjoy your life more.

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