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Video Therapy

What is telemental health?

Telemental health means the provision of mental health services with the provider and recipient of services being in separate locations, and the services being delivered over electronic media. Inner Quest Counseling uses video conferencing software that makes it possible to conduct on-line video therapy.

Does on-line video therapy really work?

Research studies indicate that video therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy and increases access to care. It has been extensively used around the world over the past several years.

What are the advantages of on-line therapy?

  1. Video therapy is more convenient for most people because it allows you to have sessions from any private location including home. 
  2. Clients save time by not travelling to and from their provider’s office.
  3. On-line therapy may be the only option for people living in rural areas where there are no mental health services. 
  4. Online therapy provides access to mental health services for individuals who are disabled or housebound. 
  5. On-line video therapy allows you to seek treatment from a broader range of providers including specialists or experts, who may not be available in your local community. 

What are the disadvantages of on-line video therapy?

  1. Video therapy can be impacted by technical failures and may introduce risks to your privacy since it is being transmitted on-line.
  2. Some people may be unskilled in the use of technology, and simply feel uncomfortable learning how to engage in video therapy. 
  3. Managing mental health emergencies is more difficult in video therapy, when the client is not present in person and may live in a different community than the provider. This requires the development of a detailed crisis plan between the provider and the client at the initiation of treatment. 

Isn’t it more difficult to make a connection with the therapist in video therapy?

The quality of technology has improved a great deal in the past ten years. Most people report video sessions feel the same as if they were meeting in person with their therapist.

What technology devices do I need to participate in on-line video therapy?

A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, with a good internet connection. If you can watch You Tube videos on your device, you most likely will not have a problem with on-line therapy.

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